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Is there a market for your home? Here is a great new exclusive feature to Midland Real Estate. We are listing buyers that have not yet found a home in our area. You can match your home up to their needs. Donít be discouraged if you do not find a match here, we have many buyers that come to us that never make the list because we find them what they need out of our current inventory of homes for sale. I can show you how to take advantage of those buyers as well!!

Here is a list of buyers we are currently helping.

If you would like to find out if these buyers would purchase your home, you can call me or email me. I will even take a short-term listing to give just these purchasers a chance to look.

When calling or emailing quote the code number. To email me just click on the code.

bulletSJ4001: Waterfront at Farlain Lake up to $275,000.
bulletSJ4003: Home in Tiny Township walking distance to water up to $175,000
bulletSJ004: Duplex in  Midland or Penetanguishene, good shape up to $175,000
bulletSJ005: Midland  or Penetanguishene. 3 bedroom  home with in -law suite up to $230,000


email me at : sjupp@midlandrealestate.com